Dressing up is hard to do

I am a creature of habit. I love beautiful clothes. I need to get dressed every day. Conventional wisdom would suggest I put on beautiful clothes as a means of getting dressed every day. What I actually do is put on workout clothes or clothes that I can clean the house in or clothes that are within reach.

There are times like today, however, that call for taking it up a notch. Today I went to see Big Sister get an award at school. I would be her representation. I would need to wake up early, and wash and dry my hair, maybe add a curl or two find an outfit that says “I am distinguished and deserving of this scholar”. Which would have been perfect except I stayed up way too late working last night and this morning I had to dress Little Sister like a 100 year old (harder than it looks…) and breakfast took too long so it amounted to a quick spray of dry shampoo and a swipe of lipstick.

It is freezing here in Florida (like forties?) which cancelled out almost all of my options in the dress department until I remembered a black lace long sleeved option that I could throw over patterned black tights, add ankle boots and an overcoat to and be out the door. Killing it, I snapped pictures of the kids and slayed on; the best embodiment of me. There I was holding hands with my cherubs as we walked to school like a legitimate got-her-stuff-together woman of the world. Until the elastic disintegrated in the tights and they started to revolt…This is ridiculous because I just bought them twelve years ago. Mama tried.

The fact of the matter was it didn’t matter at all what any of us wore there – the giant smiles, the stoic and almost imperceptible shake of the heads (begging us to please, PLEASE not shout out their names)were going to be looking to us regardless of what we had on. Watching the third graders and fourth graders, many of whom I have seen grow up over the last four years in that cafeteria far outshone the happiness I have ever felt in a particular outfit.


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