Linda and Etta

Dear Linda and Etta,

This morning, after we met, I went home and immediately sat down to write. I wrote your store manager and I wrote the corporate customer service supervisor for Walmart. I really hope that gets back to you, because that is the reason I did it. What you might not have known when you good naturedly shrugged off my apologies and deflected my thanks, is how deeply I meant them.

Of course, I didn’t mean for the entire bottle of V-8 juice to slip through my hands as I walked to the check-out lane. I couldn’t believe it when it landed directly on the cap to the bottle, and pumped out, like an angrily cut artery in a war movie. It spun away from me, clearly possessed and rolled under the jewelry counter, which I briefly contemplated jumping before I thought about how that might complicate matters further.

For a split second I felt cemented to the ground, before I flagged you down Linda, just as you were about to stock the hot case with ready-made pizzas and rotisserie chickens. You didn’t have to stop what you were doing to help me, but you did readily and like a forgiving parent, soothed my alarm by explaining that it was not a big deal and maintenance would clean it up in moments. Then she enlisted you Etta and you took a moment to come and stand by me while the cleaning crew came over so that no one would step in the juice or get hurt. You too were incredibly kind to me and stayed so calm, easily telling me I wasn’t the first and I wouldn’t be the last person to spill something in the store and urging me to get another bottle and get on with my day.

I am sure you encounter tons of people at work. I am pretty confident they, like me, can make more work for you. But I hope that you know that it matters. You graciousness mattered to me today when I felt totally incompetent. Thank you for that.


7 thoughts on “Linda and Etta

  1. I briefly wondered why you posted twice today and as I was reading this one it made sense. We so rarely come across people that work with the public, in any capacity, that can keep their “cool” and help us to feel better about something that’s happened. Like the dropped bottle mess, that ability to give you hope that your problem will be resolved, with a minimum of fuss and in a timely fashion.

    These are the people that we need more of in this world and it makes sense to ‘blow their horn’ for them and let the world and the boss, know just how much you appreciate that person. I always tell any person that I’ve talked with on the phone, that has gone above and beyond to help me resolve my problem that I want them to tell their supervisor that I give kudos to them. And I know that just as they have made my day, that I can make their day.

    I love that you did that too. 🙂

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  2. Isn’t it though..

    Nothing like kindness and understanding from people when you are feeling incompetent..
    and how good to hear encouraging words that you are not..

    Shoutout to Etta and Linda..
    for their compassion…..

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