With (much more than) a little help from my friends

It’s been one crazy week after another and all of those days have piled up into missed calls that I haven’t returned and chunks of time that make it seem even worse. My BFF sent me a text last week that simply said “I miss you” not because she wanted me to feel guilty or to punish me, but because that is how lifelong friends feel when time goes by without hearing the other person’s thoughts. We ended up talking that week for as long as we could and I could feel my heart lighten.

The morning walking routine that I was so into has gone by the wayside and both my not stretchy jeans and my high energy dog have been rather unforgiving about it. I called my walking buddy who immediately agreed to meet me at 5:00a.m.on a dark windy morning so we get closer to our goals. I came home windswept and recharged and the dog has been napping ever since.

This morning at 6:30 a.m. while I was taking a shower, the water hit my Garmin that is using some sort of sorcery (my husband would call it “Bluetooth technology”) to communicate to my cellphone accidentally called my pen-pal and extraordinary friend Jen. Was she mad that I dialed at 6:30 in the morning? Nope. Because she lives in Colorado which means I called her at 4:30 in the morning. (I can only hope you can hear the face palm I am doing right now). Because she is superhuman in the understanding department she shot off a quick text asking me something along the lines of if I was okay. Which I horrifiedly, (yes, not a word, but it needs to be for this post) responded that my stupid band called her and I loved her and I was sorry. Yikes.

Later in the morning I reunited with a dear friend who I once spent many mornings with walking around our town’s lake like as we pushed strollers and discussed babies. We met up for coffee and talked for three hours and afterward I got the feeling that you get when you read a fantastic book that was even better than everyone said it was going to be and had a happy ending, too.

What ties all these people who I am so lucky to know together is that they are friends. They are the real, no b.s., talk you up and not down people who I have crossed paths with and held on to for dear life (even when days, weeks, months or years have gone by). I know I have written about friendships before from a standpoint of feeling like a terrible one, but there is a flipside to that too, one rooted in love and respect for the tribe of people who keep things going with a quick phone call, letter, text or wave just when I am about to lose hope and for them I am eternally grateful.


8 thoughts on “With (much more than) a little help from my friends

  1. Friends are so important and I didn’t realize that until I really needed some recently to support me. Being isolated is so hard and those moments of being lifted and being able to lift others is so special. I’m missing that. I’m making the effort to create for myself a community that I belong to by going to a bible study. It’ll take time to develop close relationships with others but I’m already thankful for the few friendships that are beginning to form. You are blessed.

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    1. Secret Keeper, I totally feel ya! After making the move across country to a state that I had no friends, no family, no connections whatsoever… I realized just how important friends are and how much I’ve taken for granted the lifelong friendships that I’ve built the years prior. It’s a terribly lonely place to be when you are searching for that one warm smile and friendly conversation. Praying your bible study brings you the joy of many lifelong friendships. XOXO

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    2. I couldn’t agree more! Please know that I am here – and there are fellow bloggers in the community here for you too. I do feel one of the missions of my life is to truly see people and make sure that no one feels alone. I love the thought that “we are all just walking each other home” (Ram Das). I have been very fortunate to not have to walk too long of a stretch before I am met with excellent company. Yes it takes time and it takes putting yourself out there vulnerable to rejection but I have found that my female friendships that I have been drawn to taking a chance on have almost always resulted in that “No way, you think/feel/believe/ that? Me too!”. Your tribe is out there, no matter where you go! Best of luck in reuniting and assembling those kindred spirits once again, but count me in!

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