Buy the Cinderella dress

Eleven years ago today I married a person who made me want to be a better person. Months before that I went to a bridal shop with my mom and promptly bought the first dress I tried on. We had a beach wedding that had no place for the Cinderella gown and cathedral length veil I wanted and she didn’t even flinch when I asked whether I should get it even if it didn’t make sense. There is a time to be practical for sure, but I believe in leading with your heart on certain matters and that was one.

When I met my husband at the end of the short walk to him he didn’t cry – he smiled big and bright and I saw that it was always going to be okay with him that I was being exactly who I was. We have grown and changed in a lot of ways since that day and at the same time we are fundamentally the same. We have allowed each other the space to be both of those things. I am not expert on marriage but I am a part of one I truly enjoy and I can honestly say I am better for being in it.

I have kept every card that was given to us on that day and I can tell you that the vast majority of people who rallied around us then are still supporting us now. At the same time it seems unfathomable that people who we have met since then weren’t there that evening. But both groups are the kinds of supporters who ask that we be no less than ourselves while we are together. Every day, I pick my guy all over again. And if I had to press rewind I would still do it all exactly the same, including the dress – because I have learned that to be you it doesn’t have to make any sense to anyone else.


4 thoughts on “Buy the Cinderella dress

  1. Happy Anniversary!
    I’ve been married for 11 years as well and I can certainly agree that we grow, change, and learn new things about our husbands all the time.
    Please check out my blog:
    I invite you to read, “Wow Your Husband”.

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