The universe is trying to tell you something

Seriously, it is. Today, I tagged along to an appointment with my husband mostly because I love him but also because it was going to put me in very close proximity to the mall that we never get to. In that mall, is a Sephora which happens to be the place that my birthday gift card entitled me to go and bring home a bottle of perfume from. That alone felt like a win, but we also sat and had lunch together at restaurant without our kids (whom we love but they also order like a couple of heiresses with expense accounts. On occasion they might order a pasta or chicken tender entrée but would gladly order and consume a petite filet for breakfast, lunch and dinner).

We ordered our entrées and sipped on water – not because we were being cheap, but because it’s straightforward and we are both eating less sugar and consuming a lot less caffeine. After eating, we stacked and tidied our plates and silverware, wiped the table down and folded the napkins – readying it for our busser to clear. I chuckled to my husband that we would be such “good rich people”, that if we could go out to lunch every day without it being a budgeting concern at all we would be easy customers. He laughed good-naturedly and replied that all we were missing was the wealth.

Our server came back with the bill and handed us two fortune cookies (I think these little delicacies should not be limited to Asian-fusion but should be offered everywhere). I cracked mine open and this is what my future holds.


Fortune Cookie Wisdom is my favorite kind


To which of course I say yes, please, I am ready for it.


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