Functional Strength

I have been working a functional strength routine for the past four days and it’s nearly hobbled me, but certainly humbled me. I have had hard work outs before. I have left gyms feeling tired and euphoric but nothing could compare to the backyard overhaul that I just survived.

I have done yard work. For hours. In the full summer Florida sun. Still, not that bad.

For four days, I have ripped, dragged, hauled, pushed and actually clawed my way through wooden boards and concrete slabs and vinyl pool liners that were weighted down with rain and wet sand. There was sweat, there was blood and for the first time in a long time there were no tears that I can recall.

There is nothing quite as delicious as a shower to wash away layers of dirt and grime at quitting time and there is no sleep that can parallel the sleep of the physically exhausted. I have had the joy of experiencing both in the past few days. It was yet another thing that I went up against, not knowing that I could physically do, yet overcame. That, I believe, is the definition of Functional Strength.


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