Spa Services

The kids are at a truly phenomenal age. It’s a time in their life where they want to earn their own money and that’s a beautiful thing. Little Sister piggybacked a business off of my life wife’s son who decided that he was going to run a doggy daycare. Somehow ironically for him her only client has been his mother and her only charge was his dog. Seeing the success of this business Big Sister wanted in on the action but Little Sister wasn’t having it and urged Big Sister to start her own company.

That is where things became amazing for me because big sister decided that she was going to open her own spa (at our house of course). On Tuesdays and Thursdays ONLY after school you can choose from a spa menu or request a la carte services such as hair brushing, lotion application, neck shoulder or back rubs, Epson salt soak footbath and things of that nature. (It is funny how knowing the availability is limited automatically made it more desirable to us all). If you choose three services it will cost you a mere two dollars ($1.50 in charges and so far she’s earned the $.50 tip from all three of her patrons who coincidentally live on the premises).

Although I have covered all of the operating costs as well as supplies involved – the additional two dollars I spent tonight was a fantastic investment in my health and happiness. As silly as it sounds there was something very exciting about knowing that after I shut down the kitchen I would be going to the spa. Typically I have heard that you’re supposed to encourage children to do chores to earn allowances but honestly I feel like chores are part of living together in this cooperative we call a family.

I can imagine that I will be spending money I don’t ordinarily spend every Tuesday and Thursday at the spa from now on. And I don’t mind it one bit.


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