The diet starts tomorrow…

Ah! January 1. The shiny new promise of all that we will be when we have the opportunity to hit the do-over button. Only… this New Year’s Day is on a Sunday, Sooooo, maybe we could push it back one more day. Because there are still a few cookies hanging around or we still have those mugs chilling so we should probably use them for a few more beers, right? Or the kids don’t go back to school until Tuesday, so technically we are still on vacation and vacation calls for brunch which means we will need bagels. Do you know what goes great with bagels? Hash browns go great with bagels. We will need cheesy eggs and cappuccinos too, because its brunch annnndddd that is exactly how you never start.

It is a phenomenon called “the diet starts tomorrow” and I will have you rest assured knowing that I am an unmatched expert in that particular field of research. I have spent years of my life dedicated to the science and discovery of starting and procrastinating when it comes to eating well and consistently exercising. But I have had enough. Because the last time I got serious out my health I got rid of all of the clothes that were too loose. This means, in short, that I do not own clothes that fit right now. Oy.

I love eating healthy and exercising and eating everything in sight and sitting around like a bump on a log. I love these things almost equally. I know what it feels like after killing a second work out of the day and eating lean and clean and seeing results. I also know what it feels like to sleep for eight hours in the middle of a day. They are both pretty spectacular.

What I will no longer participate in is the guilt and despair that comes with eating a “forbidden food” or the sinking feeling that I am letting myself down if I am truly sick and skip a workout to sleep in and recover. “The diet” – I am learning, started the day I was responsible for my own food choices and ends the day I no longer am. The previous statement seems pretty daunting though I know I have been placed in charge of much more important tasks.

Mastery, I have found, takes years, if not a lifetime to achieve. Wherever you are and whatever your goals might be – it is likely that they will take more than one day and a sweeping declaration (this is MY YEAR!) to commit to and ultimately achieve. But know this; you can do it. Whatever it is. If it is something that you really want, that you are willing to be a little uncomfortable to work for and you put your heart into it, you will be able to have it. It might take a year (You know I can support that idea) but I know that you can and more importantly, you know that if you want it, you will. The diet starts tomorrow, just like it started today and just like it will need to start in two days. Best of luck to us all.


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