The life changing magic of skipping resolutions

What would happen if we replaced all of those “I can’t” or “It won’t” or “We never” messages we say all the time? In a given day I know I say them roughly thirty million times. The worst part? I know better than that. I know what a powerful thing it is to send out messages of hope and positivity and light and how quickly the universe responds kindly.

It sounds all peace and beads to say you need only believe in something definitively for it to come to fruition but, man, does it ever work. That is not to say you need only to think about how you will be happy and healthy in the coming year while sitting on the couch smoking cigarettes and eating Cheetos…you have to show up behind the words you say and do the work too. But I can tell you that I have gotten nowhere fast while proclaiming ugh, I gained too much weight / spent too much time or money or energy on this crazy person/thing/trying to be perfect.

Every headline from any media available right now promises the key to getting organized/fit/fabulous etc. as long as we “click here” or “sign up for the loyalty program” or “act now”. It is almost a new year and most of us feel cautiously optimistic about what we will be able to achieve if we only work out a few times a week or use sunscreen more diligently or return phone calls in a timely manner. The most important component to the success of any of these ventures is of course that we believe it is possible and show up ready to work at it (no email address or phone number is necessary for that).

I don’t know about you but my resolutions for the New Year have proven to do very little in terms of keeping me accountable. They serve to taunt me the way the ironing pile or Pinterest boards I made three years ago do. So I am opting out this year. I am going to work on affirmations of positivity and growth instead. Yes, of course I need #fitspo but more than that I want to take the pressure off losing what I don’t want and working on what I do want. Energy seems to pick up traction the more you focus on it, I have found and the more I talk about what I don’t have (time to read new books, willpower against the entire line of Talenti Ice cream) the less I have of that thing. I can do better. We all can.

Here’s to 2017, may we be the best versions of ourselves there.


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