Lifetime warranties

My husband was being a total darling the other morning and cooked us an extraordinary omelet. Well, it would have been amazing except the omelet sort of stuck to the non-stick pan. Then the non-stick coating kind of totally chipped off into the eggs. Gross, right?

I am not super concerned about toxins and such, but I was pretty sure we shouldn’t be eating Teflon. So I promptly threw out all the pots and pans after inspecting them and finding that the almost all had nicks in the non-stick surfaces. It was trash day the following day but I didn’t actually take the can to the sidewalk – I couldn’t tell you why I just didn’t.

Over the next four days we searched high and low for a replacement set. We wanted something with a sturdy base on each item. Something non-stick would work best for our family and I wanted the budget to be my usual threshold – as close to $0 as possible. (Please know this theory is balanced out with Mr. Takeayear’s budget of “darn the cost if it we need it and it has all the features we are looking for”). Now, I know we don’t technically need pots and pans – because we could simply roast our meals on a spit over an open flame, but we do eat almost exclusively at home and very few of us here are on board with the spit roasting or an entirely raw diet.

We went back and forth and finally ended up settling on a set from Sam’s that met almost all of our criteria. My husband had asked when we were out if the set we got rid of had a lifetime guarantee (because the new set did) and a too quick google search told me that it did not. Somewhere between hand washing and drying all the new pots and pans I realized that I had searched the wrong brand of pots and pans and the old ones, in fact, had a life time no hassle warranty. I called the product line and the representative told me to return the just purchased products because Circulon 100% stands by their warranty and the delaminating (?) should never have happened.

I called Sam’s (who also has a no hassle return policy) to explain that we had just purchased and unboxed a set then found our old ones to be under warranty. They told me to bring them back to the store for a refund. I couldn’t properly package them back (I didn’t want to scratch or damage the products) but they were fine with it and refunded the purchase price. Then I got to work on the warranty process for the old ones.

I simply had to upload three photos per product and fill out the warranty claim form. I quickly dug them out of the garbage cans to do just that. Then I was notified that in 2-4 weeks someone would review my claim and respond with a decision on replacement. Today was two weeks to the day of my warranty claim and I wondered when I would hear something.

You can imagine my surprise when this arrived today via UPS. Three cheers for lifetime warranties.




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