The Sleep – walk – cycle

I am a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad person. That is, when I don’t get enough sleep. Here is an accurate picture that Big Sister drew of me and my need for sleep.


Sleep styles.


BSE stands for best sleep ever. When I have had the best sleep ever I have a giant smile and I am ready to take on the world. Average sleep will result in only one eye open. Little sleep is also known as almost a zombie sleep and I do sort of shuffle around and mumble “must have coffee”.

Lately though I have been waking up well before the sun and getting my miles in. Whatever is in my head gets said out loud and the dog gets some exercise (by the way, you’d be amazed at how many wild bunnies there are around these parts). Each morning that I have met up with my walking buddy I have thought about calling to cancel. Each morning I find a way to go anyway. But at the end of the night I am tired and settle into sleep easily. There is little that can rival the comfort of being exerted, though not exhausted.

Tonight I will write out all of those Christmas card that I have let drive me more than a little crazy. Tomorrow I will walk my hands along the bedroom wall, and feel my way into leggings and sneakers. Receo will thwap his giant tail against the wall in anticipation and he will provide me with an echolocation of sorts until I make it out the door. I will exchange head nods with my co-walker until we wake up about a half a mile later, both of us still dreaming of terminating our exercise pact with the other. Later we will split ways and later still, we will make plans to go again, just before we go to sleep for the night.


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