The Christmas card photo

Well, it went about how it was expected…pretty miserably. Not the funny, aww shucks, isn’t it adorable that the kids are unruly way. No sir. The near meltdown southern belle woe is me why won’t anyone get with the program to take this god forsaken photo so we can present ourselves as happy, normal people. That kind of way.

I knew better. I planned. I promised all the things like: I won’t stress this year, it will be fun, how hard can one picture be…those types of lies. I am not sure what exactly reduces me to bitter tears when we can’t get along and follow a few theatrical stage directions. Sheesh.

I am going to go the route of it being kids only (a maneuver I have long since worried actually spells splits ville for a couple). My helpful husband demonstrated with grand flourish that forty percent of the photo cards we have received thus far feature children only and he added that it was highly unlikely that each of those families were on a fast track to divorce. Sigh.

Before getting our big happy family together, I managed to take a few priceless pictures of the girls in glittering sequined dresses among purple Hawaiian Ti plants looking like absolute angels. That is what I will be sending out this year with the good intentions and the best wishes for the New Year. For now I need to lie down and come up with a much better strategy…for next year’s photo of course.


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