The best Christmas gift ever

“My people”, the people who I feel a most kindred spirit with have routinely been at least thirty to forty years older than me. I think it started when I was born and I just grew with that age group. One time I was visiting my Nana and my great aunt and talking about the best Christmas gifts they had received. I can’t name a single one but I remember the unending list of horrible gifts that they had been gifted –each one funnier than the previous memory.

Everyone has at least one – I know I have a large egg shaped ornament with naked elfin figures playing some French horn/violin hybrid instrument, edged in glitter on my Christmas tree right now…upon giving it to me a coworker proclaimed “I saw it and thought of you”. But another time I thought I was getting a dud that ended up being one of the best gifts ever.

A dear soul in my desired age bracket hosted me and my kids for a Christmastime lunch that went disastrously. She was irritated with me when I said the kids were going to have water instead of the Fruit Punch Fanta she’d bought for them (they were 4 and 2 at the time) and that we were going to skip the potato salad that sat in what looked like a puddle of room temperature mayonnaise (which I already despise). It got weirder after that…seriously. She had bought incredibly expensive (and a little scary) life-like dolls for the girls (that still reside in doll beds in my house and stare at me with sinister, dead glass eyes) and for me she had a beautiful ornament. As well as a size 22 women’s skirt suit and a sheet set minus the pillow cases.

Now, I was not ungrateful for the gifts or having been thought of and fussed over and hosted. But I remember her telling me that the skirt suit looked “about my size” and the sheet set “was bought for the pillowcases but the color was ugly”. Huh.

I donated the skirt suit to a women’s shelter where they were happily received because professional attire in plus sizes are not often donated to meet demand. The sheets I folded and kept. They were golden and high tread count and beyond that they were super soft. As a matter of fact, they are on my bed right now because they are my absolute favorite set (though I don’t have pillowcases to match). I really do love those sheets.

There are many reasons that people give an offbeat gift. Obviously the financial component comes up. But here is what I took away from that – it is an expression of goodwill, no matter how it comes along. You never know what the future holds for you or the gift giver or how one day, years from being given a head scratching gift those you love fiercely will squint their tiny eyes at the object and gleefully exclaim – “I think those people are naaaaaaa-kkkkkkk-eeeeee-dddddd”! A conversation starter at the very least.


One thought on “The best Christmas gift ever

  1. Some of the best gifts get the immediate head twist. Until you learn to love them. Kinda like people. My first impression can be weird and uncomfortable until (hopefully) you learn to love me….

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