The ten miles that took me ten years to run

Every year I set out what I intend to do in the coming twelve months. Running ten miles has been on my list for ten years now. And I hadn’t attempted it once. I received my January issue of O magazine, showcasing our pal Oprah, splendid in the Grand Canyon as she urged us all to have an adventurous New Year.

Today was as good of a time as ever, I thought. Then I went out and I ran those ten miles. The ones that I wrote about neatly in every planner I have had, thought about and found reasons to avoid. It wasn’t a marathon, or even a half marathon, but each mile was mine.

You should know I love everything about running except actually doing it. I love getting ready to run and I love being finished with a run. I struggle between those two bookends.

You know what would have been worse than it taking me ten years to run ten miles? It would be worse if it took me eleven years. It would be even worse if it took me twenty years. Here’s to an adventurous new year and to each of us as we rise to the occasion.


7 thoughts on “The ten miles that took me ten years to run

  1. Procrastination is an art — especially if there is physical activity involved. Take my word for it. Thank you, by the way, for your follow. I always enjoy meeting another writer. If you’re anything like me, a lifetime will not be enough to empty you of words. Merry Christmas…and best of luck w/ that Christmas photo! ❤

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  2. Hey at least you went out there and did it! Thats 10 miles more than I could EVER run. I’m soooo not a runner doing a mile a tough for me so kudos to you!!! I literally am amazed when people can run that long of a distance, my boss is one that love running and he’s like “yeah this weekend I only did 10” and I’m over here scratching my head like “only 10?!?!?!” lol congrats for doing it though!!!

    xo, JJ

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