Price Point

Everyone has their own price point. Meaning of course that there is a breaking point too…It would appear that mine is $36.00 for body butter. Let me explain.
I love potions. I love creams. I love lotions and oils and perfumes and all of those elixirs. I love reading about them and looking at the packaging that they come in. I used to even love owning them. Now I am not so sure.

My body butter dilemma started innocently. Sephora sent me an email telling me how they missed me and offering $15 off my next purchase. Ulta Beauty did the same thing. Only Ulta sweetened the pot by making the products buy one get one half off. The next thing I knew I was nine pages deep in body butter reviews, knowing full well that if only my skin was softer everything else would fall into place.

Thirty-six dollars for a large container of Hawaiian Kukui nut would not simply smooth my skin. I would smell amazing. I would be the kind of woman would be effortlessly cool and yet still know where random papers from the kids’ backpacks disappeared to.

I went to do some recon at Ulta. It smelled good(ish) but not extraordinary. Not 36 dollars’ worth. So I left.

But then…I couldn’t get it out of my head. My poor skin needed the body butter. Correction my skin needed BOTH body butters and the other product I found. Which, ahem, was another body butter. No really… because of the whole $15 off $50.00 promotion.

I went today to collect my spoils. Somewhere between victoriously holding all three containers and the almost twelve minute wait (one customer was returning several products that irritated her skin), the triumph faded fast. The reality didn’t mesh with my vision. I was still in the workout clothes I had yet to workout in (truth be told, it is now twelve hours later, I am still in the workout clothes and I did not in fact work out today). I was mentally planning out the rest of my day and none of it correlated to the promises written on the packaging of the concoctions I held less surely in my hands. In defeat, I restocked them.

Weirdly enough, I didn’t leave too unhappy. I hadn’t bought them and I was okay with that. Honestly, I didn’t want to spend almost forty dollars on thick lotion. (When I called it thick lotion instead of body butter –some of the pixie dust wore off immediately). I stopped at Walgreens on the way home for the last few things I needed while I was out and spied Hawaiian Lei body frosting. It promised to be lighter than body butter and more indulgent than body mousse. For a mere eight dollars, I will have to see for myself.


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