How Amazon Changed EVERYTHING

Back in the day, when you wanted to buy a gift for someone, you had to go to the Mall. Remember that? The place with the giant pretzels and the Sbarro’s pizza – that is the mall. If you were lucky (and flush with cash) you could knock out a Christmas list in six to ten hours with one stop at the food court. Those were the days…Now of course there are a few clicks and boom! Whatever you need shows up at your door. My husband loves this new style of shopping the way I love carbohydrates – unabashedly so.

Gone are the days where you had to get an idea and then find the product that resembled your vision. Now, with an internet connection and an annual fee a box arrives with a smile printed RIGHT ON THE PACKAGE. I am certain that this is how even Santa shops now.

Say you miss your sister and being seven years old in general… You do not need to search out a flea market in order to find a sketchy perfume vendor that stocks both Charlie White and Jean Nate glitter talcum powder (with the powder puff insert or I really can’t be bothered). No sir, Amazon will track it down and get it to you in two days. Need a retro pair of Umbro soccer shorts (#Diamonds are forever)?! Easy. How about an original Joy of Cooking cookbook (circa 1931) – $21.59 on any major credit card (or PayPal) and you got it, girl.

There is still fun to be had at thrift stores and garage sales – mainly for those of us who know that the 25 cent asking price is beyond fair for the treasure, but aside from that it is all Amazon all the way! Something I never thought that I would say. Before too long, it can be argued, that drones will simply respond to our impulses – delivering whatever we think about and billing us accordingly. At that point we will all be nostalgic for the old fashioned delivery method of waiting two whole days before our needs were met…


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