Cold Snnnnnnnnap!

It is 60 degrees and falling here and anything below 75 is pretty cold by my standards. There might not be frosted pines, but I can assure you that the raindrops on this Hibiscus flower were pretty chilly. The kids wrote cards to their classmates and then taped candy canes to the envelopes and I have the classroom party wish lists folded into my wallet…winter is coming.




I was feeling quite united with my fellow cold weather warriors until I spoke with a telemarketer (non-stop glamour over here) who exclaimed it was 19 degrees in Tennessee. Yikes! Because I have only ever lived in Florida it is hard to imagine cold weather for any stretch of time. Boots? Gloves? Coats? Pipes freezing – what?!

I forget how good I have it until I remember of course. Florida can be unbearably hot. The summer brings torrential rain (and mosquito breeding grounds). It is very flat. However, beauty abounds if you look for it here.

This morning, I am going to enjoy the cold, rainy weather while it lasts. I will start addressing those Christmas cards while I listen to Christmas jazz. But instead of a hot cocoa, I think I will stick with an iced coffee to keep me humble…stay warm, friends!


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