Our Favorite Show

We don’t watch a lot of television over here but Mr. Take a Year and I do make it a point to watch one show each week together. Because we are still in the stone ages, we don’t have a DVR meaning we have to live in the moment and be home together to watch it. I wish I could say it was “Exploring Quantum Physics for the Intellectual Elite” but it is actually “the Walking Dead” – that series about zombies. I could tell you that it isn’t really about zombies, it’s about humanity and ethics and all of the other things that I believe and also make me sound like I have certainly drank the Kool-aide. I will skip that and say this; there is something sort of darling about that one hour once a week. Even if there is laundry to do and dishes to do and all those other things to do, I press pause. I pull out a big comfy comforter and throw it over both our laps and together we sit rapt side by side on the couch and watch as the story unfolds. Highbrow, it is not, but it suits us just fine. It might not even technically be either of our favorite shows – but we make the time to watch it together and that is a favorite for both of us. It’s one of those little moments that add up to something bigger; just me, my guy and all those zombies week after week…


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