There is a product out now called Bean Boozled. Made by Jelly Belly – these jelly beans offer beans that could be wither a lovely treat or a total miss. For example, a “buttered Popcorn” bean looks exactly like a “rotten egg” bean, a “chocolate pudding” mirrors a “canned dog food” candy and “tutti-fruitti” might actually be “stinky socks”. What can I say about this other than ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww?

I have never been able to eat things that I think are gross. Emphasis on the “think” because once it’s in my head that it is gross; I won’t ever try it until I can convince myself otherwise. I am not proud to tell you this, but I once sat at a dining room table of a relative for what I remember to be hours because I wouldn’t eat the tomatoes she lovingly prepared for me. In fairness, I had been told that I wouldn’t be allowed to leave the table until I ate them. In my defense, I said that I wouldn’t eat them or try them. In the end I didn’t eat them and there were plenty of words about what that said about me…it would be about twenty years until I ate tomatoes on my own free will. At the time though, the texture grossed me out and I couldn’t make it happen.

As far as the beans go, I can’t imagine playing such a dangerous Russian roulette, but I have an embarrassingly low tolerance for nausea and vomiting. I wonder if I am getting too old to get the joke and the next thing I know I will be sitting out on roller coasters. In a perfect world, we would all skip the jelly beans and have truffles or a Toberlone bar anyway with nothing to fear but a carbohydrate coma, which is far more welcome to me.


3 thoughts on “Engrossing

  1. Sounds similar to Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans. Once my husband played a trick on his unsuspecting brother with Bertie Botts. It was hilarious! His brother had a bag of Jelly Bellies and had a handful on them on a tv stand in between him and my husband. My husband started sneaking Bertie Botts into the mix and pretty soon his brother was making funny faces and at one point he asked his mom to try a jelly bean because the one he ate tasted like sardines. He only figured it out when his daughter came up behind him and started laughing.

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