Verti-go away now please

This morning I woke up rough and not just because my alarm went off at 4:45 a.m. I had a plan to get on the treadmill just like I had the day before but something was off. I ran into the wall that separates my bedroom from the bathroom and thought I was just really tired. But as I opened my eyes I realized that wasn’t the case at all. The room was spinning and my eyes were repetitively darting over anything in view to make sense of the shapes. It is almost like looking through a view finder that someone put two discs in, while walking off a tilt-a-whirl. I stumbled back into bed and didn’t move until I thought I could talk without getting sick. Thankfully my husband was home and could get the kids up and get them off to school.

I had one episode a few years ago where the same thing happened. My life wife (who didn’t have a full time job at that point) was awesome enough to take my toddler (even though he kids were in school) and pick me up to take me to the doctor. That me my husband wasn’t home and I didn’t know what was happening to me so on top of the horrible symptoms I was scared too. At the doctor’s office (she uses an integrated approach combining holistic and traditional methods) she manipulated my head and body and a few minutes later I felt alive again.

This time at home, my husband you-tubed the exercises and assisted me after patiently waiting for me to throw up five or six times into a garbage can in our bed. Where I am sure I looked my most lovely! It was brutal and then I slept on and off for the rest of the day.

I am coming around and back to life once more and I thank my lucky stars that I am not afflicted with symptoms like that daily. I want to apologize, here in print, for taking my health for granted, because I have and I am sorry. The closest thing that I have to a chronic condition is weight that I take off and put back on and the propensity to complain about that.

Though I have found exactly no research to prove this, both times this happened to me where times that I had not been drinking very much water (I Know, Ma! I know…) and I had been drinking diet soda. Kind of a lot. Two or sometimes three cans a day. GAH! I feel pretty guilty even writing that, because I know better. I see the warning labels that point out that the stuff that I am drinking contains a chemical that is LINKED TO CANCER and I kept drinking it anyway.

Maybe that had something to do with – maybe not. Either way today was a wakeup call. It wasn’t a nuclear reactor style warning tone – it was more of a soft bell of notification (think the one tone they tap when a word has been misspelled at a spelling bee). But it was enough.


7 thoughts on “Verti-go away now please

  1. I had an episode a few years ago where I woke up and when it tried to get up was dizzy and nauseous and actually threw up. It pass within a half a day. The doctor said it was the crystals in my ear canal that caused the dizziness. It has never happened since.


  2. Poor you! I’m very familiar with this too – sounds like a type of vertigo called BPPV, and the head and body movements which cured it are called the Epley Manoeuvre. As the rothpoetry says, it has to do with crystals in your ear. Miserable, I know! I hope you don’t suffer too often.

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