The new office chair

We bought a new office chair today! It is luxurious! It has arms! And best of all, it was on super sale!

Our old chair (which you know I wheeled right down to the edge of the driveway) had been through a lot. The seat was flattened, the dark brown pleather was recoiling in horror from itself and the kids had started a running commentary on signs of its decay. We had originally purchased it for practicality alone as we needed one and they had that one in stock. (Yep, those were pretty much the entire parameters we had to meet).

This chair though, it looks refined. A thinker would sit in this chair. A scholar would sit in this chair. A writer would sit in this chair.

Only, I sat in this chair to write and a funny thing happened. I relaxed into the lumbar support. I propped my elbows up on the rest like a total boss lady. Then I sat and thought about how comfy I was. And I almost forgot to write. This chair is so comfortable that I started pretending that it is my first class airplane seat on a flight to Hawaii and I keep looking around half expecting a flute of champagne to be offered to me.

Initially I kicked around the idea of getting one of those giant exercise balls in place of a chair. I would have abs form all that core stability in a matter of days I thought! Then I remembered I am still sort of bad at walking in a straight line and I feared that staying upright on an exercise ball would be even harder. Then I envisioned the kids using the ball to peg one another in the face. Then I decided against the ball. Nope, this chair will do just fine.


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