In defense of actual planners

I love planners. When they started to hand them out in middle school I could hardly believe my luck. There it was a tiny paper shrine with the promising opportunity to fill each day neatly with my hopes, my dreams and maybe even my homework assignments. High school didn’t disappoint me either, and I filled those out within an inch of their poor, spiral bound lives. Spoiler Alert! You get them in college too! That is reason alone to continue your education in my opinion.

As the New Year approaches, like so many others, I want to get organized. My husband will make gestures to all the technology we have that can help me do that – the apps, the cloud, the digital calendar that he suggests I use. But his attempts are wasted on me.

I need a planner. I need to be able to hold it in my hands. I need to be able to lose it in my purse. I need to be able to tear a half of the eleventh page out of it when a kid spits an atomic fireball out. You know, like a normal person would need to do.

There are lots of really cool products on the market now, with options geared toward the planner’s (get it?! Ha ha ha!!!) interests. They are super sleek and unique and cost roughly one arm and one leg to purchase. Seriously. One gold foil emblazoned cover beckoned me over to it. It was a budget planner with a ledger and all sorts of room to write instead of caving into a tempting impulse purchase. I wanted to rip a piece out of my own 2016 planner and attach the following fiscal plan to a would be buyer; “Want to instant save $47.99? Don’t buy this!” which seemed helpful, if not a bit harsh.

I haven’t found the right fit just yet, but I have one month to make it happen. I wonder if now would also be a good time to finish up that college degree. I could sign up for classes and grab a planner on my way out…


3 thoughts on “In defense of actual planners

  1. I am also fascinated by a planner a lot. I like to plan my day and week if possible in advance. Even a smallest of job which is hardly any important is also noted down by me. People laugh on me for it, but I love to plan.

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