Who the F steals Christmas lights?

This morning I was on fire to get to work on my writing project. I couldn’t be stopped. Not for exercise, not for anything. I would drop the kids off to school with only one mission. Just before my second hour started, my husband asked if I had moved the Christmas projector inside. Nope. I hadn’t.

At Thanksgiving, my in-laws gifted us a “Star Shower” a light projector that illuminated little red and green lights that cascaded over the palm trees and against the outside walls of the house. With a breeze, the fronds of the palm trees twinkled. This was way better than stringing up yards of lights around the palms and along the roof. We calculated how many we would need to buy to cover the whole house. In his research, my husband crossed reviews that warned of the units burning out shortly after purchase. We figured we’d keep an eye on ours and see how it worked. Who knows how it will work because sometime between 11:00 pm yesterday and 11:00 a.m. today someone took ours.

I am so mad that I am cursing and crying. It brings up the fact that our garbage can was stolen once (seriously, we had just had a baby and we were going to her first pediatric appointment when I noticed all of the garbage was piled on the driveway emptied from the missing can). Also, there was the time where our basketball was taken from its resting place at the base of the basketball hoop. Oh and of course, the time our house was broken into two months after we built it and before we had a dog or a fence.

These facts give evidence to the offhanded comment of “we live in s*itty neighborhood off a main road” which hurt to hear because I know the families on this street and don’t subscribe to that theory. But I feel like I am losing. How do you tell your kids when they come home from school that someone stole your Christmas lights? WHO DOES THAT?!

I am furious because something more precious was taken as it challenges what I believe to be true about people. Maybe if we lived in gated community it wouldn’t have happened. Or maybe that wouldn’t have mattered.

Because I have never stolen something I can’t understand it and I’ll admit that if it was crops from a garden or a basic necessity I would probably feel differently about someone taking it. But I would never feel entitled to take something that didn’t belong to me. That was bought with money that was earned by someone else and it makes me so mad I am beyond consolation right now. I want to retaliate, I want to put up a sign that speaks my mind but it’s mostly profanity right now to be totally honest.


10 thoughts on “Who the F steals Christmas lights?

  1. I’m so sorry that this has happened to you. I know the feeling and it isn’t a nice one. It’s like if you could find the person who stole from you then you would give them a piece of your mind before stringing them up over a croc infested watery pool, hang them by their toes. Sorry, that’s my thoughts on the subject. And again, I’m sorry that you had to go through this, again. 😦

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  2. Life as we know it is changing very fast
    and in all sorts of ways
    It’s not just Christmas elites
    It’s the people who are around us
    It’s sad that elites are a source
    For heavy hands
    Or for that matter
    A garbage can
    I had the same thing happen
    Just in different ways
    As always Sheldon

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  3. Good grief! Talk about taking a punch to the gut. It’s sad when you either have to bolt everything down or install video cameras to catch people in the act. So sorry. Hope the rest of the season is more in line with what we have came to expect from it. And thank you for swinging by the “Ranch.” We 💗 visitors.

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