Thirty-four days

I don’t know why exactly I am stuck in some sort of countdown mode lately but I am. If I am fortunate enough to wake up tomorrow (fingers crossed!) I will only have 34 days left in this year. Wow.

When I started to blog this summer it felt like time was spreading out in all directions around me. I was sending the baby off to school full time and ready to embrace the pause that I had been lucky enough to get to take. Some very magical things have happened since.

I have continued to make the time to write every single day, even if it’s only a few hundred words, which has brought about a certain peace that I didn’t know I didn’t have until now that I have it. (Does that make sense?)I have a writing gig that is challenging and interesting and has allowed me to think and grow and build onto ideas. By creating that little space just for me, I have somehow also given myself a sort of permission to pay closer attention to my fitness goals and to work through some heavy personal growth obstacles that I might have continued to dodge, for , like, forever. As mind boggling as it seems that we are thisclose to finishing out the year, it also seems pretty accurate.

Tomorrow the “on vacation mode” shuts down for a few weeks (until Hanukkah or the Winter Solstice or Christmas amps up of course). I plan to take that time between now and then to wrap up projects that have been looming, declutter and make room for the New Year. I think a vision board may be on the horizon as well.

I am looking (and asking nicely) for tips and tricks of how you greet the New Year and what you do (or hope to do) to embrace the future. If you would, please reply below with your ideas, I look forward to hearing them!


3 thoughts on “Thirty-four days

  1. I’ll be doing a vision board this year too, first tune in ages. The other thing for me is that I like to spend the quiet days between Christmas and New Year reflecting on the last year and planning my goals and habits for the coming year. It seems like the perfect time to do this.

    Why not find yourself a planning workbook of some kind, and work through the exercises. I use The Life Plan by Shannah Kennedy – recommended.

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