Thanksgiving Leftovers: an evolution

TUESDAY: Yes, of course we need two pork shoulders to smoke and bring to Thanksgiving. And we need the pie and the giant chocolate cake. We should get a ham for tomorrow too, because, well, all that turkey, we will need something else.

WEDNESDAY: Whew! Thankfully we got the large ham – so many left overs! I can make sandwiches! I can make soup! Yes!!! Leftovers!!!

THURSDAY: I will (sigh) have a little of the ham. Maybe a small sandwich (I had three small sandwiches on that day). Later on that night (after eating ALL THE THINGS)… Yes!!! SO many new left overs!! Turkey! Mashed Potatoes! Gravy! Corn! Biscuits! BBQ Smoked Pork! Smoked Pork with Peppers and Onions! Baked Ziti! Cookies! A smidge of that Apple Pie! Oh, and that Ham…

FRIDAY: Okay, so we should go for a hike. Something outdoorsy, where we might sweat out a little of that meat? Yes. A hike will work. Lunch? A salad! With Bacon and Turkey and um, Ham – a Cobb salad, okay? Dinner – Oh, well, Dinner is leftovers, mostly turkey and stuffing and gravy, or ham sandwiches…

SATURDAY: I will make the leftover mashed potatoes into potato pancakes! I can use some ham in an omelet. Those biscuits can slide under the leftover sausage gravy from Thursday morning. Lunch? That pork. Dinner? Ziti. Steps on the scale Saturday Evening…Good Lord. I am officially very thankful for leftovers and very thankful that they have almost entirely been consumed. Gobble Gobble indeed.


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