Thanksgiving Staycation

We’re on staycation! Meaning at the very least that we aren’t traveling for Thanksgiving outside of about five miles. I’m not even cooking, really and I don’t even need to dog-sit for my going-out-of-town pals.

So what do I plan on doing? Not a whole lot. And it’s wonderful.

There are some quick to chide me for not chopping or rolling or driving or doing – isn’t it Thanksgiving, after all? What about taking one for the team?! They cry wildly.

The thing about that is this; no. A complete sentence, strangely. No, I’m not going to shoo kids out of the kitchen while I try (and fail) to whip egg whites by hand or cut cold butter into flour for a pie crust that will ultimately be eaten by me alone over the kitchen sink and two glasses of wine deep in remorse. No, I’m not going to make a third or fourth run to the grocery store for the random seven dollar jar or spice that I need one eighth of a teaspoon of. Huh-uh.

After the last turkey I made, and day three of leftovers approached, Big Sister shyly admitted that she didn’t even really like turkey. That sentiment was echoed quickly by Little Sister and then by my husband (traitor!) who kindly suggested that maybe we didn’t actually need to reimagine turkey much farther than day two turkey sandwiches…(so, an eighteen pounder is out then?!).

This year I vow to blog and to nap and to read a stack of magazines and to call my family and tell them that I love them. Because dragging the kids out from place to place while I am exhausted and irritated serves exactly no one and spells (almost) certain doom for my hope to be an instrument of peace. I am going to focus on gratitude, the real gratefulness I feel for the fullness of this life and radiate that out into the world.

I’m taking a page from Little Sister’s book, who declared, shortly after a swim in the pool and a dance around the deck, that she was going to “sit right down here and take a little rest, because I’m tired”. Yes, I am bringing a store bought cake (shock!) and a store bought pie (horrors!) to my in laws. Instead of crying over potato consistency or consulting google maps or traffic apps at ten am I will be watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade in my pjs with a cup of coffee and maybe even a cinnamon roll and I might just stay there all day.


Actual nap taking place



One thought on “Thanksgiving Staycation

  1. Sounds like good self care to me. I also have NEVER met a person who turned a face at any bake good that has come from Costco šŸ˜‰ oh , and you can always buy those spoons of seasoning in the bulk section šŸ˜‰

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