Christmas Tree, Oh. Christmas Tree.

Today we put up the tree…Now; I know that is crazy and we are rushing through Thanksgiving and it’s terrible and it’s also TOTALLY MY CALL, right?! Thank you, I agree. It wasn’t even on purpose exactly and you should know it’s a fake tree too, which I should be ashamed of, except I am not.

When my husband and I first moved into our house we had a huge empty entranceway and little to no money so it sat largely empty for a long time – until Christmastime when we bought the biggest pre-lit fake Christmas tree ever. Now, our tree – it didn’t smell like a fresh cut tree, but man did it gleam. I even made my husband take the oh so corny Christmas card photo of us together in matching white button downs in front of it (there were no hashtags to describe the level of stock photo-ness of that scene).

We can’t agree on where we bought it (I swear it was Lowe’s) but I remember thinking that although I wanted a real tree, I loved the permanence of buying one that we would have for years and years. In the beginning, there weren’t a lot of ornaments and the ones we had were the kind that come six or twelve to a container. But as our lives grew, so did the collection. The ones bought in celebration of a chosen field, or those that served as a snapshot of our life together at that moment.

Today, we scaled it back and left an entire tier out of the setup. A lot of those pre-lit soft white lights don’t work anymore – we went rogue and bought multicolored strands to decorate with this year. There is something to be said about not scaling a ladder just to assemble something multi-layered above your head while scratching your arms and legs in the process only to plug it in and realize half the lights don’t work (and the thing to be said is IT WAS AWESOMESAUCE).

Some of my happiest memories involve Christmas trees in the background – even if they didn’t play out on Christmas morning. Ironically some of my most unflattering moments in parenting have also happened with a Christmas tree in the background…coincidence? My point (and I do have one) is that we are on our way. Over Thanksgiving break we will slowly decorate and I will try largely in vain to convince everyone to take a photo in front of the tree, our tree …Which might just be serving its last year at this post.


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