This Morning

The sun is shining and the windows are open to a clean, cool breeze. The laundry is done and my kids have had their first breakfast. By the way – is this a thing? On weekends sometimes they eat about three breakfasts…but then again they wake up at or around six am… Little Sister threw a few fits this morning but nothing that woke up my husband so I feel like I am winning.
I am going to work on things as soon as I can today so they don’t nag me all day and wear me out before bedtime – I have fallen into a pattern of going all day and putting off writing and running until after the kids are asleep, which is the worst. Today I will be present, without thoughts of what I haven’t done, or need to do. There is a nice, thick Sunday edition of the Times calling my name and a coffee pot that is ready for action. I wish you all the best of luck going into this week – with the Holidays approaching I know that tensions can run high, may you find comfort and peace (if only momentarily!) as you proceed.


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