The circle of stuff

I believe that stuff should go on to live lives greater than the one that I originally bought it for. Not all, stuff, because I like to keep something s forever (or until they cannot be used anymore). But the things that fall into that classification are very few and far between. Anything else is up for grabs.
There are only a very select few items that I parted with and wished I kept: a few comforters that I had as a child, the book “Bony Legs” which terrified me as a child but had a good moral and can only be purchased for something like $300.00 now and a perfectly worn in Gap denim jacket. That is the entire list of regretted cast offs.

When I stumble upon a find at a thrift store that I love I say a silent thank you to whoever let it go so that I could have it. Then, when I have owned it to my content, I donate it right back. Because of this, there are very few “things” that I get attached to, which is healthy in my estimation but can also be frustrating when I am looking for something I gave away years ago that I needed for a day. Sigh.

The fact of the matter is too much stuff has always overwhelmed me – long before the Konmari method cropped up. If you haven’t heard of it, check out “the life changing magic of tidying up” (she used all lowercase letters so I did too!). I have always felt that if I didn’t really love something or it wasn’t super useful to me then I shouldn’t keep it. Or maybe I didn’t think that way when I was a little girl hoarding Barbie’s…or as an expectant first-time mom buying baby shoes (that THEY NEVER WEAR!!!!!)…or when I found the perfect jammies and I bought them in five colors – rats! Am I a secret hoarder?!?!?

As the year winds down (don’t look now but it’s almost December) I feel the need to lighten my load once again, walking my fingers through my closets and over the stuff that I know I didn’t call on once the entire year and giving them a chance at freedom. Pretty soon, it will make its way into the hands of someone else who just might offer up a little thank you at the find. And the circle will be complete.


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