I went to boot camp and I survived it too!

Years ago, I would follow along when my husband and a few of his friends would work out – I jokingly called it “the House of Pain” but it was mostly circuit training of functional strength type moves that thankfully ended forty-five minutes to an hour after it started. I was strong and healthy and feeling great and just when I hit my stride I got pregnant. Then I rode that “I just had a baby” thing out for quite some time…

Today was my first day back in the realm of “keep-moving-keep-going-mooooove it”. It was fantastic. The instructor looked like the coolest girl you’ve ever seen at the beach anywhere. There was false hope in her beachy waves that this would be a breeze. It was not. We ran a quick lap to the stop sign from the space in an industrial park that housed seemingly innocent jump ropes alongside much thicker and more menacing ropes and then we were off.

Those jump ropes. Oh, those jump ropes. And plank jumps and burpees and half-burpee type things that had me in a low squat and feeling very much like a Buddha statue (only less jolly). It was hard and I felt really out of shape and yet better somehow. Maybe more empowered because I didn’t actually leave? Then we repeated the whole dang circuit. Oy.

There was no way I was going to be seduced into a cappuccino after I realized exactly what it takes to burn off such a thing. I came home and made myself a gargantuan salad and took a very hot shower. Then I stayed true to my goal of the month and ran my 5k (though I had to do it in sections because I was cutting it too close to pick up time for the girls). In the end, I can honestly say – Thank you, happy, more please…


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