Homemade it

Little Sister wanted a piñata for her birthday. The one she eyed carefully at Walmart was a haphazard cardboard replica of a minion for a mere $18.00 and it wasn’t even the “good kind”. The good kind is the kind you beat with a stick – new aged piñatas now have several different colored cords that one can pull resulting in one lucky player pulling open the bottom of the piñata and that my friends, simply would not do.

I am not crafty – though I married (craftily) a person who can do anything artfully. When recounting my tale of I-could-not-get-the-pinata-buying-thing-right my husband gave a little half-shruggy smile and said “we’ll make one”, which I am pretty sure we can all agree meant HE’LL make one. In my idea, we would tape two balloons together resembling a large peanut in its shell and then drape some newspaper that had been soaked in flour and water paste around it a few times. Then I would paint it yellow and draw a little smile on it and string that bad boy up.

My husband had other plans, but for the record he did use the balloon and tape jumping off point…in the end, with all the supplies used this piñata probably cost us a million dollars. Though that might be a slight exaggeration, it lasted less than five minutes, but the smiles were priceless…

There are balloons under the drywall mud…
Then he painted it.

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