The birthday Fairies

I am not sure who decorates your house for birthdays, but over here, the fairies do. When the kids go to sleep, they go to work so that when they awake, a new birthday bash awaits them… Tonight the fairies must be completely exhausted (what with all the other errands they had to run today) and on behalf of them I will need to keep this post brief.

Tomorrow there will be a rainbow cake to bake and cupcakes to run to school at lunchtime, then off to an ear piercing. Somewhere in there we will need to paint the plaster minion piñata my husband made and grill chicken and check homework and convince everyone they need a bath.

One day I will look back on this moment and think how easy it all was(hindsight always does that to me). For now though, I am going to take a long hot shower and forgive myself the homemade pizza and small scoop of ice cream I ate, reminding myself that I ran my 5k and I am certain that fairying burns calories too. xo


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