Private Benjamin(ish)

I am going to boot camp on Friday! (As in the workout kind, not the actual, get fit to save lives including my own while serving kind). But either way I am nervous and excited.

I worked really hard to get fit and then life happened and I traded the “I” in fit for another vowel and here I am six weeks until the end of the year and I cannot believe I wandered so far off track…But I am primed for a comeback! I just know it.

I am back on myfitnesspal and back on the treadmill committing to a 5k per day until the end of the year which feels overwhelming and wonderful. Tonight I went a bit off plan with meatloaf and mashed potatoes and gravy followed by a decadent and portion-controlled serving of ice cream but I stayed under my calorie goal for the day even with that.

When I was pushing through my last few minutes of my last mile today I thought long and hard about what a lot of other people are up against; luckily for me my battle has always been with my weight and though that is personal and maybe even a source of shame for me, it could be far worse than that. Sometimes my inner athlete comes out and I wonder how I could have possible gotten here (AGAIN) but I seem to always meet her by saying that it doesn’t even matter how it went wrong, I need to put my energy towards it getting right.

Wish me luck on my boot camp class and I will hopefully have a lot of great things to write about on Friday afternoon!


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