The Polar Bear Plunge

The Polar Bear Plunge is approaching in our house, a time when three out of four of the humans who reside here will jump in the pool on Thanksgiving Day, proving exactly who the bravest bear is. Today was a warm up for the main event. Before you judge me because we live in Florida and the air conditioning is running so it can’t be that cold…please remember that we operate on a warm blooded temperature that has any water less than 82 degrees registering frigid to our bodies. The last few years the temperature was well under sixty and all three of us plunged almost simultaneously. It has been said that a submersion is very cleansing for your aura and I can attest that a bad mood cannot follow you on your way up through the surface…

I have heard of families “Running for the pies” together – where they get up early and join a starting line crowded with other brilliant folks who get out of making homemade piecrusts or “runners”, readying themselves to run a 5k as fast as they can with the hope that it will earn them one of the free pies at the finish line. Plunging yourself in a body of water steps outside your door for a few seconds requires a lot less effort, I promise.

The point is, everyone has their own traditions around the holidays and as long as they don’t require or result in self-loathing, please know I support you in them. What are yours? What keeps you sane in the silly season? I would love to hear about them.


2 thoughts on “The Polar Bear Plunge

  1. How have I never heard about this? Which person does NOT? Our traditions include “I love thanksgiving because it’s the one day you don’t make me eat dinner” #winning


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