The second or third worst friend ever and other things I am ruining right now

Right now, I am fairly confident that I am the second or third worst friend ever to pretty much every friend that I have (or those who will still have me as a friend). Oy. I am being beat out only by people who have maliciously mistreated my friends which I can honestly say I have never done. But that sounds like something a guilty person (and horrible friend) would say.

My darling BFF who I love has called me almost every other night to check on me and I have at minimum a 24 hour delay in responding to her. Like a total jerky – Mcjerk – face. The worst part is, when I call her back I talk to her voicemail and it doesn’t forgive me.

My pen pal? My poor pen pal gets mail six days a week and it is NEVER EVER FROM ME. She has taken on a larger than life task in order to help a cause near and dear to her heart and it imploded. Have I called her? Nope. But I think of her every hour on the hour and I worry about her just as much.

Life-wife? She is killing it at work and taking on a motley assortment of pets. Did you know that when you buy a rat from the pet store there is literally no guarantee that said rat would be brought into your home incubating nine baby rats in her belly?! No? Fun fact – that can happen.

My Dad got a follow up phone call from me today – after leaving me around five voicemails. Gah. That is not saying anything about the ominous tone of the email I received from the happiest place on Earth (Yes! I think it’s the library too!!) which in its essence warned I would be charged the full retail price of the six items I had borrowed if I didn’t return them this week because they were almost a full month overdue. I finished exactly none of them, in case you were wondering…

Do you know what is happening in my favorite magazines during my second favorite month of getting them? Cause I sure don’t! My pal Oprah looks gorgeous on the cover of O but I have no idea what she knows for sure this month and that gets under my skin.

Whew! Thanks for letting me vent. The good news is, as always, the kids are alright. The world series was a joy to watch (seriously, who knew baseball was so intense or that I would be seeing so much of Bill Murray?!) and I have spent a lot of time with my husband, mostly watching baseball and bonding over our excellent family planning in stopping at two children – whom we love but require the patience of a grandparent which we thankfully are not yet.

This is life at the adulting level. And it’s brutal and wonderful and making me insane all at once. I know things will even out and the whirlwind will stop making me dizzy at some point. Maybe not today or even this year, but I am going to forge onward and I wish you success in doing the same. Until tomorrow, dear friend – if I can still call you that…We’re still friends, right?!


5 thoughts on “The second or third worst friend ever and other things I am ruining right now

  1. Ohhhhhh we’re still friends… Maybe not the kind of girlfriends we would have been if we knew each other in grade school and I was mad at you for talking to Stephanie or Tiffany (for some reason I just don’t get along with girls of that name… Weird because there’s probably some lovely girls that go by that name. I just haven’t met them.) The beauty of having grownup girlfriends is that life can get the better of you and it’s ok. I know you’re there if I really and truly needed you and I hope you know the same (because this isn’t The View and we can be real!) Jerky-McJerk-face 🙂


  2. All is good from this end, please don’t fret about this stuff.
    Take care of you and your family.
    I will send you something brilliant soon.


  3. You, my friend, are killing it at your world right now. Your shifted, weird, new reality with self imposed requirements and conditions. You are doing amazing, and for your efforts, you might just get a rat….

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