The oppressing freedom of writing your novel

In case you haven’t heard this month is not only Movember – where dudes across America will grow out their ‘staches to promote awareness of men’s health issues , it is also national novel writing month . Oh and there is also Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving and I heard something about a presidential election and don’t forget CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!!

All of these are worthy of their own blog post (and you are welcome for the prompts) but I am going to take a few hundred words out on account of the whole “writing a book in a month” situation. The average novel is about 60,000 words. With 30 days in a month, that means we writers must commit to a puny 2,000 words a day and Whamm-o, a book hath been born. Only, not so much.

Because from what I can tell that is kind of hard to commit to with that weird thing called life in the way of what would surely be our instant success. Today is day two and I can proudly say I am only 2100 words in the hole. But that is weirdly okay with me because I believe in myself even when it makes no sense to.

If you have any tips or tricks of the trade I would love to hear them. I promise that I am a quick study and with the delay of posting I can also swear to not interrupt. That being said, here is my advice to you in giving me advice(even though I have only dreamed of writing a novel and you may have actually published nine); please do not rain on my parade. That seems pushy for me to tell you how to do things and all, but I feel the need to be as honest as possible with you. Yes, you may have clawed your way through your own project and completed it and I am so happy for you. Just tell me that part, that it can, in fact be done. Leave out all the other heartache, please.


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