The Revenant Recovery

The movie “The Revenant” came highly recommended from multiple sources to me. Though the details were vague, I knew a bear factored into the storyline somewhere and over and over again I hear how amazing Leonard DiCaprio was in it. I actually rented it a few times from the library and once from Redbox but for one reason or another we never got around to watching it until last night. (my husband will tell you that is because I have an eclectic (not his choice of words) taste in movies and he typically watches my picks as a favor to me…

I won’t spoil it for you if you haven’t already seen it, but I can say this; if you find yourself going through any sort of physical recovery you might not feel that yours is that horrific (of course, there are exceptions to this rule). The movie was a sort of mix up of “Lone Survivor”, “Dances with Wolves” and “Cast Away” but with a lot more violence. Though the scenery was exquisite, I don’t image I will ever watch it again.

I was raised to remember that whatever challenges I had in front of me, someone had it far worse (and there wasn’t a vague reference to “some less fortunate child” I had very specific examples of the suffering of others, Thanks Ma!). Because of this I would like to think that I avoid self-pity pretty well, but upon further examination I see that the stuff that bothers me is awfully petty. Weight gain? First world problem. Lost post on the computer? C’mon. Ambiguity over Drake and Rihanna’s relationship status? Seriously, though.

What I took away from the movie last night was exactly just how good I have it. My little one whines about having to go to school – but I don’t worry about losing her to malaria. Big Sister has been killing my data (by watching makeup tutorials on YouTube just out of Wi-Fi reach) but she is healthy and happy. I have my hands full right now – but my heart is too and that is what powers me through the day. That and coffee.

So Pandora can’t read my mind and the dog is super vocal in the morning and the Walmart gift guide came out bringing the Christmas wish list to approximately six million dollars. These are nice, comfortable problems to have. When I start to get down on myself and crabby about my lot in life I need to be a little bit of a revenant (one that returns after death or a long absence). I am hoping to that more from the standpoint of absence of reality/gratitude than the whole death thing…


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