TV Forever

When I had both of our children, during my hospital stay, one of the weirdest things I remember was the ever present television. That thing was ALWAYS on. I had more important priorities – and I didn’t get around to finding the remote until the last day of my stay both times.

I like to veg out just as much as I presume my fellow American brothers and sisters do, but lately it has begun to worry me. I’m not sure if I am soured on the programming due to the massive (and negative) political campaigns we can’t seem to escape, or because I am already a bit noise sensitive. But I see televisions on almost everywhere I go these days. Yes, I don’t go many places but they seem to follow me.

This has in turn replaced good old fashioned waiting. Filled is the time that used to be spent staring out of a window and people watching while you had your oil changed. The same can be said for the twenty minutes that was passed reading the CDC guideline posters on the wall in a doctor’s office. Walk in and there it beams – a flat screen tv! (And don’t even get my inner curmudgeon started on the smartphone situation).

Today I spent a fair amount of time in a waiting room and for once was somewhat grateful for the distraction. I think I have learned how to make Halloween-y whoopee pies, roasted pumpkin ravioli and adorable mummy crafts I will never personally assemble for my children’s classmates. In the same span of time I was encouraged to buy at least 300 vehicles, enticed to treat psoriasis and educated on the side effects of erectile dysfunction medication. Here I thought t.v. was a waste of time…There is a time and a place for all that viewing (I would recommend Thanksgiving morning and your couch) or so I thought. Until today when the voices and personalities that usually prompt me to abandon the channel surfing all together, somehow joined forces and cocooned me in the familiarity of “just another day” taking place and for that I became incredibly grateful.


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