My fitness (enemy) pal

This app (My Fitness Pal) is the worst best thing that I could ever buy myself (for free). Yes, I just re-read that and asked what kind of gibberish that was – and also, yes, I am keeping it in the post. This little app does the work of accountability for me and that is why I love it. It is also why I hate it so much.

For example, if you asked me what I ate yesterday and I was relying on my own shoddy accountability system I would have told you that I ate a sandwich and drank an iced coffee. This seems like a measly amount to consume in a day and you would probably wonder why I am still cursing my size ten jeans. Those two items I mentioned – the coffee and sandwich? It is not that they were calorie bombs. The coffee was not a mocha-cocoa-ice-cream-extra-whip coffee and the sandwich wasn’t a bacon-wrapped-meatball-and-provolone-deep-fried-sub. It was a coffee with creamer and a homemade low sodium roast beef sandwich on sliced bread.

However, those were the only things I intentionally ate. The other things – the handful of almonds, the discarded grilled cheese sandwich one of the kids didn’t finish, the mini bag (though 160 calories!) of Cheetos that I don’t even remember tasting, the peanut butter baking chips I shook into my hand and barely chewed…Those things added up with the legitimate items I recall eating to a total of 300 calories more than I allotted for the day (and that was WITH the exercise allowance).

Inputting all the food that I forgot I ate gave me a much clearer picture of what I had actually consumed (and filled in the gaps about why I am slow going to my weight loss endeavor this time around). I can tell myself that yesterday was stressful and all the other excuses but the fact remains that when I stop paying attention to what I am using to fuel my body I tend to make poor choices.

I can joke that the app is my enemy, but in all fairness, anything that can assist me in tackling my goals is a good thing. It can be argued that life is too short to worry about counting calories, but the same can be said about time spent fighting with how you feel about your body. This week I promised to hold myself accountable. With the help of my honest fitness pal I am sticking to it – no shoddy accountability crutches allowed.


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