A lot like Thanksgiving

Today felt a lot like Thanksgiving. I went to Walmart twice, then Publix once after that and it was still necessary to run down the street to our neighbor’s house to borrow 2 cups of brown sugar. The air is crisp (in South Florida 74 degrees IS crisp) and cool (same) and the kids played outside almost the entire day. There was lots of good food cooking on the stove and smoking outside. Of course football was on too (college ball, but still).There was even a bountiful basket of goodies being delivered to the house – kind of like a cornucopia.

The take a year family has got some stuff coming up that is new to us and a little nerve-racking but I know that we can face it together. (And yes, I’m being purposefully vague but I can assure you that we are all alright). The kids really wanted to pitch in and help out today as we cleaned up the house, cut the yard and did some chores. It was fun being both altogether and one on one with each of them.

We did run around quite a bit doing errands and a good deal of time was spent careening a shopping cart down one lane or another – but I saw friendly faces everywhere I went and had a deep feeling of community today. The Halloween costumes have been officially purchased (Arianna Grande didn’t make the cut but Frankenstein lives on!). We purchased Big Sister’s outfit for her Latin dance number for multicultural night (she’d correct me and say it’s a “hip-hop ensemble” but know that means dark leggings and a loose side scrunched white long sleeved tee).

The comments and emails you guys wrote on yesterday’s early morning post were awesome. I am incredibly grateful for all of your support and kind encouragement to seize the day (or hour or moment) which I totally have been doing. Tonight, we capped off the evening with those same brown sugar lenders from earlier on in the day and it was great to be at this stage of our lives with our kids. The children are old enough now to play independently of us (but in eyesight) and that is a beautiful thing. Now they are all pretty exhausted from dancing and swimming and playing and being kids and I hope that lends itself to sleeping in tomorrow. I am talking the morning off – and having a date with a cup of coffee and the New York Times on the back porch in the cool fresh air. Wishing you the same – unless you aren’t into that kind of thing and if not, wishing you something more your style…


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