Happy Friday

This morning, I got up before the sun and went for a walk. The dog got his exercise, I spent time talking to a friend and I feel like I can handle the day. We saw a shooting star (or meteoroid or asteroid – don’t tell me because I wished on it and I think that only works on stars) so I have that going for me. I am running on surprisingly little sleep but the coffee pot is brewing so there is hope… I finished assembling the kids’ Halloween goody bags for school and I am not even on the hook for packing lunches because I am meeting the kids for lunch at school today.

I haven’t been doing a great jog about celebrating what I do right on a daily basis and that finds me a little depleted but I am working on that. This morning I am going to try to get my water in, keep my chin up and maybe get to the library to return some horrendously overdue books.

There is a cool front coming through South Florida and I am looking forward to the break – though it has been pretty nice out lately, much nicer than many Halloweens we have seen in the past. The thought of which reminds me of course that I have to get to work on the Frankenstein and Ariana Grande costume fronts. I can’t believe how fast this month has gone by.

Pretty soon the kids will wake up and there will be waffles and syrup and tomato juice and chaos. But I am savoring this big little moment of quiet and I am thankful for the opportunity to write in it. Thank you for checking in and sharing the journey – I sincerely hope that this weekend is a good one for you. Happy Friday.


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