Halloween costumes

When I was a kid (back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth) I recall having one costume. It was a princess costume that I remember buying at the mall with my Mom. The selling point was a large, cone shaped aluminum foil(ish) hat with pastel pink tendriled streamers that cascaded down my back. I believe there was also a wand involved and I am almost certain that I refused to wear either while actively trick-or-treating. I am sure there were other costumes, but in my memory that it’s the only one I have ever worn.

When big sister was born, a darling friend bought her an adorable chiffon pumpkin costume with matching satin booties and headband. The year after, another friend bought her a Raggedy Ann costume complete with cotton bonnet and red yard hair. On her third birthday she decided she wanted to be a snowman (this was pre-Frozen and pre-Olaf).


i1035 FW1.1
Florida Snowman


The following year she chose to be “Love” – the emotion. (The second runner up that year was a rose).


Being outfitted in love…


Little sister, on the other hand has a preference for scary getups. As second children do, she made use of the pumpkin and Raggedy Ann and snowman costumes of her sister finally asserting that she wanted to be a witch the following year. (Although at preschool last year she was an octopus for their Jonah and the Whale themed party.)




This year, as Halloween approaches I have a request for “Arianna Grande” who is a pop-songstress and “Frankenstein”, you can guess who picked which costume…The diverging personalities on display in front of us aren’t limited to taste alone. Here are the directions I received from each child about how to proceed with costuming.


“Plus Fake Eyelashes” is my favorite part…
As for the shoes? She asked for thigh high boots (which were denied).
This is the image Little Sister hopes to accomplish.


Last year, was one of the absolute best Halloween experiences I can ever remember having, with the girls trick or treating in our own neighborhood and the slightest breeze to accompany us. My hope for this year is twofold, that it can be equally if not more enjoyable than last year, and that people will once again give out Baby Ruth bars and Bottle caps – to give me energy to work on NEXT year’s getups…

While we cruised the neighborhood we left snacks and drinks for trick-or-treaters. Also, didn’t I just say Little Sister was scary – Liar! She is obviously a non-scary fairy princess.



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