Apple cider vinegar

The cure. For everything.

Years ago my mother-in-law sent away for a pamphlet in the mail at a cost of around three dollars on the wondrous cures of apple cider vinegar. According to this little booklet apple cider vinegar can pretty much cure anything. Do you have a headache? Do you suffer from what high blood-pressure? Do you have sore muscles or a hangnail? Then apple cider vinegar is the cure.

Through the years there has been a little joke in the family about how any difficulty that you could imagine can be remedied simply with apple cider vinegar. It has been an icebreaker in particularly difficult situations when dealing with stress – as if the world’s problems could easily be fixed if decision makers would only get a copy of the apple cider vinegar bible. Recently there has been a resurgence of ACV popularity with many health and fitness experts touting it’s uses for cleansing and detoxes-explaining how it can be used to curb an appetite or improve sleep or skin conditions. My mother-in-law, the main proponent of apple cider vinegar crusade, an encyclopedic knowledge of it’s many uses has been very good about not saying “I told you so “. She simply nods her head with a knowing smile when any “groundbreaking” theories surface.

Often times for our family it has been the cure and we’ve used it to treat several issues as they arise. But sometimes I’m looking for a less homeopathic and more pharmaceutical answer to a problem. When Big sister started kindergarten often times she would sit on the rug for circle time in her classroom. She and Little sister also attended a dance class where they would warm up and stretch on the dance floor shared by other students and other classes at different times. I noticed tiny little bumps on Big sister’s  knee and one on Little sister’s leg. As time went on they got worse and looked more severe. Doing what anyone would do in my shoes (googling it),  I came to find out that they had a very common condition called molluscum contagiosum. Though it can be incredibly widespread and cover multiple areas including the face the little site spots where the girls were affected were very minor. But I wanted to nip it in the bud because again I had googled it and seeing images was too much for me.

The first time we visited the pediatrician she confirmed my suspicion/diagnosis and explain that often times kids get this from one another when they’re sharing a surface area that contains many germs, often times I dance room or gymnastics center. She prescribed medication to put on the children, which I filled after we left. The girls complained of irritation and a burning sensation at the site. Each application was nearly impossible as they anticipated it.

This went on for a few weeks and the bumps did look smaller as I continued with the treatment through the prescribed time. I was told that once the treatment was complete they would likely go away on their own. Though they didn’t spread or get worse they weren’t completely gone.

The girls weren’t uncomfortable it just seemed a little unsightly to me and I didn’t like knowing that they had something on them that I wasn’t treating. At their next physicals I again inquired about the bumps and was told that sometimes they linger for a few weeks or up to years. And that I could try and over-the-counter freezer removal quite like over-the-counter wart freezing removal. So I tried this.

The kids had a much more severe reaction and a greater aversion to this then they had with the first prescription. There were tears and tantrums over application and constant comments about discomfort. So I abandoned the treatment.

Months later, for an unrelated issue I took them again to the pediatrician. By then that doctor had left the practice another doctor (who had been their physician as infants) was now taking over. She treated the issue that we were there for and in a final attempt I asked her her opinion on the bumps. She gave a little laugh and leaned in close to me conspiratorially. Do you know what she said was her years long successful remedy of the situation? None other than a nightly application of apple cider vinegar. After a two week treatment, the bumps were gone


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