Defending Kim Kardashian

I have never been a routine viewer of the show “Keeping up with the Kardashians” so I was a little slow to the popularity explosion that happened for the family. But as the group infiltrated countless articles and shelf space I grew accustomed to their faces. I didn’t give much thought to any of them aside from a momentary glace at a wedding dress or shiny mane of hair. Despite the whole “famous for being famous” debate I didn’t ever looooove or loathe them.

According to reports, while in Pairs attending Fashion week, five armed men held Kim Kardashian (arguably the star of the family) at gunpoint and stole millions of dollars of jewelry from her. The backlash was immediate – that she had brought this on herself, flaunting her wealth in a gaudy display everywhere she went. People had pitchforks in hand, with online jeers of “THAT WILL SHOW HER”! which made the whole thing sadder to me.

I don’t know Kim Kardashian. I have never met her or bought her products or watched more than snippets of her reality empire. But a human being was robbed at gunpoint and that isn’t right.

I can’t image spending my (slightly less glamourous) weekend doing the things I normally would do (sub out Paris Fashion Week for picking up shampoo at Walgreens and maybe refilling my Saturn Ion’s gas tank), then going home to end the night and having what appeared to be police officers urging me to open the door only to be victimized by them.

That must be horrendous and scary and something that shows up like a lurking monster under the bed no matter how safe you “know” that you are. It could be argued that I don’t flaunt my wealth – but who knows who is ever really looking at us and what it is they see. To someone who desperately needed a car, when I am stomping around because the battery died in my key fob, I may appear undeserving of my own. I can’t imagine I would get a lot of sympathy from someone who has routinely gone hungry as I empty out the half eaten crackers or apple slices or water bottles (guys, it’s pretty much a snack pantry at all times around me)into the garbage can while I fill up my tank. There are people all over the world struggling to have one baby – using their life savings and every ounce of energy willing it to happen, and I have two…

The point is, behind all the flash, a person who was going about her life enjoying what she had was persecuted after she had been criminally victimized. She is someone’s daughter and sister and wife and mother – just as I am. People were quick to point out that everything was insured and that she could easily buy replacements even if it hadn’t been, but that is beside the point. She is not alone in being robbed or taken advantage of or having experienced the fear of death but she shouldn’t be alone as she struggles to heal and find comfort and security once again either.


4 thoughts on “Defending Kim Kardashian

  1. I can’t begin to imagine how scary that would have made her. Not knowing if you were going to be murdered or not. I was robbed once, but it pales in comparison. I do hope that Ms Kardashian will be able to recover from this. Thank you for speaking out on her behalf. You are a good person to have done so.

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