The (kind of) political post

If you are sick to death of talking or reading or thinking about the upcoming United States presidential election, (and wishing for just another Hurricane related post!) please skip today’s entry. I’m not here to argue a candidate or to make a case for my opinions on the ethics and behavior of a candidate but I do have some thoughts on the matter and I wanted to get them down.

I have written and deleted this post no less than three times. Mostly because I know that politics are polarizing and it is not good manners to discuss religion or politics pretty much ever. I thought about writing about all the various articles that I read through tonight but truth be told I wasn’t really focused on them. Because my thoughts kept drifting to what will happen in the next 30 days.

A very popular slogan right now is “I’m with her”. But an emerging slogan is taking its place… “It can’t be him”.

I am not going to use this space to discuss a specific candidate. Although it feels like I already have. I do however want to get down on paper or I guess on keyboard where I’m at as a mother of two young girls.

As a lover of fashion (specifically fashion magazines) I remember receiving the Vogue magazine with a certain presidential candidate’s betrothed on the cover in the gown that would be her wedding gown. She looked stunning and regal and I thought it was the coolest thing ever that she was unveiling her wedding gown well in advance of her wedding. But this weekend I sort of felt sorry for her. I know she doesn’t need my pity I’m sure she’s doing just fine but I thought of the actual person behind the beautiful imagine on the cover of “the fashion bible” who was marrying someone who would only months later brag or jest or banter on about trying to seduce another woman.

I have zero experience being a boy. So I am not going to assume that I understand “boys will be boys “, “boy culture” or “men’s locker room banter”. But I do know real men. And I know the difference between men who are infatuated with women and really love women and men who don’t. To say that some of the comments that have been made are simply examples of how “men” talk hasn’t just angered women – it’s angered men too. To reduce anyone to a one dimensional character is outdated to say the very least. Because I don’t know the person that said the things I have heard reported – I can’t assume to know all of that person’s motivations. But someone that continually speaks of being entitled to whatever they want due to fame and notoriety scares me a little. And a non-apology makes a very specific sound when it’s delivered.

Going back to my position as a mother of two daughters is this: I want them to know (and it is my and my husband’s job to teach them) that they are more than their sexuality. They are more than their ability to have children. You could call me out for having fashion magazines in the house and perpetuating a stereotype of beauty etc. but alongside those magazines are books and newspapers that discuss and provoke ideas that extend light years beyond fashion. I do not expect a president to be the only role model for my children, but I would like to think that he or she could be one.


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