We made it!

So the storm didn’t kill us all despite Shepard Smith’s warning… (I am not even going to plug him with a YouTube clip, but if you need an example of fear mongering google his name and the phrase “and your kids die too”). It was rainy and windy and well, that is about all I can tell you because I pretty much slept through it (along with the kids and the dog). My husband did the majority (read: ALL) of the storm scoping and when we woke up this morning (with full power and just a few hibiscus casualties) we were alright.

We took down the shutters and texted with loved ones to check in and the whole thing felt completely surreal and a lot like having a baby. (The waiting, the phone calls, the sleeplessness, the hoopla and hopefully flowers on the doorstep when you open it). I gained approximately 75 pounds because I stress eat and I didn’t want the food in the fridge to go bad.

The grocery store was still on the low side of supplies tonight and a few businesses were closed around town but all in all things seemed to fall right back in to place the way they do when you fix what is broken. I think that for a lot of us the thought of a major storm was a bit of a reset button to look at what matters the most. Neighbors were lending a hand to one another, people were posting about where to find supplies and shelter and there was a collective sigh of relief as it passed our city with minimal damage.

A dear friend wrote a detailed post about how as a father and husband thinking about protecting a family had changed him. Instead of being bummed out about a cancelled night of going out or what get together he might attend he was putting up shutters and using hard earned money to purchase survival supplies for the family in the event they would need them. He continued on to say something along the lines of how he was now at a point in his life where he wasn’t the sole concern of his decisions and his comfort would forever take a backseat to that of the family he had made.

Because we are an emergency services family that is both our lifestyle and our people – it is a group that knows how disasters and emergencies translate into more time worked and less time home. Many men and women had to button up their homes and kiss their kids goodbye so that they could use their talents to serve the community. There are also the parents and grandparents and extended friends and family who step in as husbands and wives staff stations and hospitals, cooking meals and reading bedtime stories to children worried about their parents safety.

I am incredibly thankful for everyone who worked tirelessly to keep us safe. As we walked outside this morning and saw a full fire engine with a group of smiling and waving firefighters I felt immense pride and love for these people who I don’t know that left their own homes to help others. I am thankful to my favorite firefighter who was able to be home with us through the storm, keeping a watchful eye on the storm and ensuring our safety.

Tomorrow, I will post something storm-free, I promise, even though this crazy thing might loop back and hit us again, because I am boring myself with the material and it’s happening to me…Until then, I think there is still a can of spaghetti –o’s or maybe some chips in the snack cabinet that the kids overlooked, calling my name…


3 thoughts on “We made it!

  1. So very happy to hear that you survived the storm. I was praying for you and I’m just pleased to get a final “storm” update. But as you said, there is a chance for the storm to double back. So I’m extending my prayers for that as well. I look forward to reading more of your wonderful blog. 🙂
    Continued safety to you and your family.


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