Ready for the storm

Hi friends! The takeayear family is all shuttered up and ready for the storm. The power is on but they say it might not be tomorrow. I wanted to do my best to post today so I could keep my streak.

My husband was able to come home this morning and finish putting up the shutters though we did get offers of help from our friends and neighbors. The worst of times can still bring out the best in people (though many people will disagree and point to the times it hasn’t). I wanted to say a sincere thank you to everyone who emailed and posted well wishes for our safety. Your words and thoughts are a huge comfort to us.

There has been a mixed view on how to prepare (or when or how much) for the storm and it can be stressful just trying to get it right. Some people will poke fun at storm preparations and label it “overzealous” while others caution impending doom at every turn. Once again I have seen the lessons of kindness, compassion and hopefulness in action around me. From my daughter’s teacher asking her students to go home and help out their parents, to neighbors helping prepare homes that don’t belong to them – it’s all on display in our community and I feel incredibly grateful to be a part of it.


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