Gara-ffice Lighting

Tonight the Gara-ffice (that would be the garage that also is our office) confirmed the sneaking suspicion I have had for a long time. I might just be a magical unicorn. We had recently blown not one but three of the six light bulbs on the two overhead fans in here. I don’t know exactly how that happened except to say that it probably happened over time and I never got around to attending it until today. (Don’t judge the two overhead fans until you know that we also have two box fans and a window shaker type air conditioning unit because, well, it’s Florida and Florida is hot).

These particular replacement bulbs have ridiculously tiny metal parts (The screw in thingy? The non- glass part? I am sure there is a name for this but I am racing to post up tonight before the clock strikes twelve and I miss a day in a ninety some-odd streak of quality – which you should know autocorrected twice to “guilty” – blogging). Because they weren’t standard size lightbulb connectors, I didn’t have any on hand which is what I attribute to the whole not replacing it thing. But today I put on my grown up pants and went to Walmart and purchased new lights and did in fact, replace all the burnt bulbs.

Upon sitting down to write tonight (not on the blog, which I should have done earlier but I am in the zone on another project) I called on the power of the force and attempted to harness it into my brain so that I would be skilled and clever and upbeat in my writing. With my right hand, I made the emoji (is that what we are saying now, in place of “the hand gesture”?) of a number one or lower case letter “d”, extending my index finger skyward while touching my middle, ring and pinky fingers to make contact with my thumb.

As I unabashedly called the power to my hand and brought my number one / lower case letter “d” / emoji / hand gesture down in an exaggerated arc (much like a diver would jump off the board and into the pool), behind me a lightbulb flickered and as my finger made contact with the first key, the bulb blew out. As the esteemed Dr. Peter Venkman once said “for whatever reasons, Ray, call it… fate, call it luck, call it karma, I believe everything happens for a reason”. It might actually be a wattage that the fan wasn’t built to handle, but I chose to think of it as a sign – a true testament to my brightness and ability and maybe even a reason to go back to Walmart tomorrow for some light bulbs and a desk mounted disco ball to create some better mood lighting in here. Or maybe even a Unicorn emoji balloon – just the essentials.


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