Dry Shampoo

In a past life I bordered on Fancy. I know that is a word favored by little girls, Jessica Simpson’s perfume team and Drake, but I never outgrew the term and it resonates with me. I am decidedly unfancy more often than not these days, though I dabble in it from time to time.

Dry Shampoo, though it is made for unwashed hair, seems like a luxury type item. Being rather practical in my beauty regimen at this point of my life, (washing my face, brushing my teeth, and occasionally applying coconut oil on my skin) I assumed that the cure for unwashed hair was, well, to wash it. I usually don’t make it past day two hair before I throw in the towel so I didn’t feel like dry shampoo was in the cards for me.

It smells amazing too.


For my birthday my husband bought me goodies from Sephora which included a travel sized bottle Drybar’s Detox dry shampoo meant to “extend your blowout!” claiming that it could “absorb oils & freshens hair”. (I am not plugging the product, though I guess technically I got it free as it was a sample with the purchase of a separate item, I am naming it because it’s the only one I have ever tried. Other brands might have a different result.)Though I hadn’t had a blow out to extend, I had both oils and dirty hair for it combat. If a dear friend of mine hadn’t recently discussed the impact that dry shampoo had made in her routine, I likely would have skipped the product and taken a shower.

But I was curious. My hair was nearly matted down form sleeping (zero volume to speak of at the roots) and it looked rough. I could have easily starred in my own incredibly exaggerated infomercial as the before and the after. I followed the directions, spraying my roots from about six inches away and rubbed it in vigorously. As cautioned, I did not smoke while applying or directly afterwards, mostly because I don’t smoke, but I appreciate that it was a warning given without judgment. Smoking kills, but I suppose it will kill you faster if you light up around flammable products.

The result was pretty incredible. I had not only faked clean hair, it looked like I had just had a blowout. Tons of volume at the roots and all day hold for the full body it created. I would like to tell you I felt sophisticated or elegant. I didn’t.

I felt incredible fancy for the entire day.


Fluffy imperfect volume.

2 thoughts on “Dry Shampoo

  1. I remember using a dry shampoo back in the late sixties or early seventies, (yes, I’m that old, ***snort). It wasn’t a great product but it did work. It was called, get ready for this, “Ps s s s s s t. I think it’s still a round but has been improved. It was always fun to call out all those esses (is that even a word? the esses?) crazy memory from way back in the olden days. Reading this post has taken me back. Very well written.

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