Crafts, cupcakes and comfort

Today was a pretty comforting day I’ve got to say. My husband was offered overtime which is always a blessing and a curse. Blessing because clearly it’s financially beneficial and a curse because that would mean he’s away from everyone for 48 hours straight. I can’t imagine how hard that is. The longest I’ve had to be away from the kids for work was maybe 14 hours and it felt at times unbearable. Today I made the most of girl time.

When the girls were really little we would routinely have craft time. Wherein I would lay out scissors, glue, glitter, paper, crayons, markers, paint and everything you would use to apply these things on the dining room table. That’s not to say that they would apply them to the dining room table but we would spend mornings most of our mornings creating collages or jewelry or other works of art from those supplies. Once the kids got older and developed interests outside of the kitchen we did this less and less however we’ve kept all of the stuff in the kitchen cabinet should they hear the siren call of crafting. This morning when I explained that Daddy would be at work again for the entire day they asked if we could do crafts and I hesitated – it would be a huge mess. We hadn’t done it in so long that we would have to pull everything out of the cabinet because it hadn’t been put away neatly. There were so many excuses I could have hid behind. But instead we crafted.

Where’s the Instagram chic filter for this mess?


We had some chores to do – I had to go to the grocery store and such but we came home from grocery shopping and had lunch together then made a mad dash to the library before it closed (we had about 30 minutes) so that we can get the next installment of the Harry Potter movies and take back books and DVDs that we had borrowed last week. After that we swung in to a little cupcake bakery by the library because I had a buy one get one coupon that was almost ready to expire. We walked in the door and were hit with this delicious otherworldly aroma.

I was not above asking to take a picture of this…


Yes, those are chicken and waffles cupcakes. They were being packaged up for a special order and I was honestly salivating at the sight of them. They couldnโ€™t be purchased but a cookies and cream cupcake and decadent vanilla cupcake could be. The kids were kind enough to let me have a giant bite of each. After cupcakes we came home just in time for thunderstorms rolled through which set the scene for making Halloween crafts and finally reading through all the supplies that we had.

After school almost every single day there are tears at homework time mostly because no one can find a pencil. This is peculiar because we generally have pencils at home and I purchased boxes of them at the beginning of school however come Monday afternoon they’re always missing. Here is a picture of the pencils that I found at the bottom of a plastic bag that looked older than me (and that’s saying something) shoved in the corner of craft cabinet.

Oh and we don’t have any scissors either…


And there was also a bag of surf wax that had been missing for a few months from our house (also found in craft cabinet).

There are two pieces hidden as well…


I’m proud to say that everything is organized we have garlands of handmade ghosts, witches, cats and Frankenstein pieces hanging in both kids rooms and the next time my husband goes surfing (which is hopefully tomorrow) he will have plenty of wax.

This is what I call mood lighting.


What could’ve been billed as a rainy day spent doing chores with one quick jaunt to the grocery store and library turned out to be a day of comfort and restoration (well for everyone here except my husband). I snuggled in and mindfully watched Harry Potter with the kids – free from multitaskingย When not to multitask like I talked about last week heeding my own advice for once and it felt better than I would imagine chicken and waffles cupcakes taste.


14 thoughts on “Crafts, cupcakes and comfort

  1. Craft day?! YES!๐Ÿ‘ Chicken and waffles cupcakes? WHHAATT??!! ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ˜‹ The pencils and scissors? That’s what happens when you “put things away”! ๐Ÿ˜‰ And that multigenerational HP?๐Ÿ‘Œ

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